Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Lucy

I was downloading photos earlier in preparation for some summer wrap-up posts.  It's been a busier summer than I imagined!  But until I really get going on those big posts, here's a simple puppy post.

A family portrait shortly after we adopted Lucy.

 That's our girl, Lucy.  We adopted Lucy when she was just 8 weeks old from a farm in Calhoun County (remember, they are the home of Pub n' Putt).  Right away, she was wonderful!  Look at that little puppy face.  How could you not love her!

Hanging out on the deck last summer.

Doug only had one dog growing up when he was little, and I only had outside dogs, so this was an all new experience for us.  Plus, I didn't really like dogs.  I was always afraid of them as a kid.  But, we ended up with Lucy because Doug wanted to buy this crazy fixer-upper house, and I told him if he'd stop dreaming about that house, we could get a dog.  I think I may have played that card too soon.

Cuddled up with Doug last summer.

So, why a beagle?  Well, we wanted a relatively small dog, but not a toy breed.  We wanted a real dog, and trust me, beagles are real dogs.  Lucy loves to sniff around and howl at random objects.  She's actually not a very loud dog, but every now and then, she wants you to know what's up.  

Hiding under the dining table this summer.

When we picked up Lucy, we literally had the pick of the litter.  There were 6 puppies in her litter and the others were adorable, but Lucy was the only puppy that really wanted to be petted.  She is perfectly happy to be petted all day.  And she's a pretty mild-mannered little puppy.  She loves napping, and playing with her toys and taking walks, so all in all, life's been pretty great with this little girl.

Sleeping on the Mac this winter.

Naturally, there were some growing pains.  Lucy did whine and cry at night, and we worried how to keep her entertained while we were at work.  She's chewed up some stuff that has gotten her in trouble, like phone cords, birds (she's a predator!), pillows, and even an air conditioner cable that made our AC go out, so she can be a bit of a rascal.  And even though I wasn't a dog person when we got her, I'm definitely a Lucy person now!

Just being adorable this summer.

So, that's it.  That's the most important member of our little family.  Having a puppy is definitely a different experience, but we love having a dog now, and really can't imagine our lives without one.  Plus now that she's over a year, she's really mellow for the most part and has become a great little house dog.

I'll have remember to share more Lucy experiences, because she's actually pretty hilarious.  So, be ready for more puppy posts!

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