Monday, August 6, 2012

Raging Pinterest Addiction

So, a couple posts ago, I told you about my NetGalley addiction.  I saw the irony in that when the site that I am super addicted to is Pinterest.  Now, if you are not on Pinterest, I highly recommend that you don't ever join!  You thought Facebook was a waste of time, holy cow are you wrong!  Pinterest sucks you in and suddenly you've stared at pics of crocheted sweaters and dogs in sombreros and funny e-cards for three hours and you think, what's my life come to, but then you click "See More Pins" and it just doesn't stop! 

But the worst part has to be when you start thinking, yeah I can do that.  I have a craft board full of great pins that I will never complete.  What's worse though is that I wasted money buying the supplies for crafts that are never going to happen.  And I see these cool house things and tell my hubby that our house will not be complete without a little drawer in the shower cleverly hidden by a shower tile.  Then there's the My Style board with all the pretty clothes that make my closet feel frumpy and I say to my hubby, but if I owned all the clothes I've pinned on Pinterest, I'd have something to wear to this party.  And honestly, if I start one more sentence with "So, I saw this thing on Pinterest", he might just take the dog and walk away.

But the worst of the worst part of Pinterest is my Recipes board.  I've had some failed recipes, like baked potatoes in a crock pot that I burnt somehow, and this pizza sub thing that was just mushy.  Oh, and these banana oatmeal muffins that had me sick for an entire afternoon.  Now when I bust out a new recipe, Doug cautiously asks where I found it and if I say Pinterest, he starts packing his bags.  He has good reason though, because I almost killed him on Thursday.

I had this great pin for Crockpot Buffalo Chicken.  I like chicken wings and this was a recipe for shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches so it sounded perfect.  Plus, you just throw your ingredients in the crockpot and come home after work and dinner is ready!  So, in went a couple frozen chicken breasts, a packet of ranch dressing mix, and AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF FRANK'S RED HOT!  That was my mistake.  I guess that there is a major difference between Frank's Red Hot and Frank's Buffalo Sauce.  At any rate, this stuff was so hot and so wicked that we ate our sandwiches drenched in ranch dressing and tossed the rest.  And my hubby was up until 1:00 am dealing with the consequences of my dinner.

Now, here's the librarian part.  As a librarian, you learn to check your sources.  But Pinterest is a site where you can pick up an idea from any website, blog, what have you, and put it out there for the whole pinning community to see.  My major fails have been from random blogs.  My major successes in recipes have been from or  You know, websites with the goal of keeping your family alive to see another meal.  I have to learn to check my sources!  Just because some random blogger swears by lemon and honey facial masks or cleaning her tub with a grapefruit, does not make it a good idea (I know, I have stupidly tried both of those things).

So, I, Tiffany, admit that I have a crazy Pinterest Addiction that is hurting the people that I love.  I vow to cut back my Pinterest time to 74 hours per week (I'll have to phase it out-I can't go cold turkey!).  I will check my sources and carefully record all proper ingredients to recipes found on reputable websites.  I will not wash my hair with vinegar, make my own laundry soap, or try to construct a life-size replica of Mt. Rushmore in my back yard using nothing but chicken wire and duct tape.  I will learn to be content with the contents of my closet, not the contents of thousands of shopping websites.  I will not determine my worth based on the number of followers I have or repins I get each day.  I will think before I pin.

It feels good to admit all of that!  So, keep my accountable people.  Help me kick my Pinterest habit and make sure that Doug gets eatable meals!

Happy Reading!

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