Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Robe of Skulls

The Robe Of Skulls 

The evil sorceress, Lady Larmona, wants a new dress with skulls and spider webs and all fashion of creepy additions, but her gold supply is gone.  With the help of her troll servant, Gubble, she hatches a plan to turn the kingdom's princes and princesses to frogs and then ask for a large reward to change them back.  

Meanwhile, Gracie is being neglected by her stepfather Mange, and his daughter, Foyce.  She escapes to the Ancient Crones with the help of a messenger bat and is told that she will have to foil the plan of Lady Larmona.

Meanwhile again, Marcus is the mischievous twin brother to perfect Prince Arry, and he is left behind when the whole family goes off to celebrate a royal engagement.  Luckily, Marcus learns of Lady Larmona's plan and tried to warn his family, and with Gracie's help, maybe they can save his brother.

Meanwhile again and again, Foyce chases Gracie while she runs off, but happens upon Lady Larmona and convinces her that she can help with the plan.  However, Foyce double-crosses the sorceress, thus complicating an already complicated plot.

There is a lot going on here as you can see.  But, things never feel too jumbled, rather you know from the beginning that the middle of the book will be a tangle, but everyone will end up straightened out by the end.  The fun is seeing how the tangles are worked out.  Fans of other tangled stories, like Once Upon a Marigold will enjoy this strange romp through the Five Kingdoms.  Plus, there are more adventures from the Five Kingdoms for readers that really enjoy this story style.  

This would be a great class writing exercise.  Start with five completely unrelated characters, then weave them all together through a strange series of events, then weave them all out again.  It would be a great story starter for third and fourth graders to try.  Add some pictures of the characters and scenes, and this would be a great addition to a fairy tale unit.

Do you enjoy a jumbled fairy tale?  Let me know at misstiffreads at gmail dot com.

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