Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magnolia League

The Magnolia League (Magnolia League, #1) 

After the death of her mother, Alex is forced to move back to Savannah with her grandmother, the only living relative she has left.  The only thing worse than Savannah's heat is the Magnolia League, which seems to rule over the city with a mysterious power.  Alex's grandmother is determined to include her in the clubs activities, but Alex wants no part in this little Stepford Wive's-esque club.  

Until she meets Thaddeus.  Then it doesn't seem too out of line to put up with the makeovers and rituals and meetings to be young, beautiful and wealthy.  But there is a dark secret behind the Magnolia's and now Alex is in over her head.

This book turned out to be pretty much what I was expecting.  All the major plot points were there, but it still fell flat.  Alex is a very feisty character at first.  She is a big believer in organic living, medicinal herbs, kindness and graciousness to everyone, but I didn't feel like she put up enough of a fight.  Her mother was an herbalist, so I was surprised that she didn't bond with the Buzzards more, since she can likely do everything that they can do.  Although, I guess if she sided with them in book one, there would be nothing left for the rest of the series.  I was glad to see that she stayed friends with Dexter, despite being perfect and beautiful, but somehow Dexter weasels his way into the Magnolia society anyway, so it wasn't hard for Alex to stay friends with him.  

And Thaddeus.  He just didn't have any personality to me.  I really could not understand why she was so attracted to him.  I don't know if the goal was for Thaddeus to be awkward, but it made it seem like he was the big man on campus, and he just didn't seem  to fit that part.  

All in all, I think that I'll pass on the rest of the series.  It feels very disingenuous to me.  The charm of Savannah was not immediately apparent, which really bothers me, the hoodoo culture is not well fleshed out, and the characterizations feel stock.  Even for quick, light reading, I would recommend something more engaging.  

For light, sugary reading, I would recommend Beautiful Days, LA Candy, or  Heist Society.

Happy Reading!

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