Friday, August 24, 2012

My Weird School

Mr. Klutz Is Nuts! (My Weird School, #2)The new school year has started in my area, so what better time to celebrate the My Weird School books by Dan Gutman!  I love the My Weird School books.  They are great for new chapter book readers in second or third grade and the programming possibilities as endless.  I did a Library Capers program for first through fifth graders using this theme to celebrate the end of the school year, but why not celebrate the beginning too.

First, I'd recommend reading several My Weird School books.  I'll highlight which ones I used.  Open with a read aloud and let the books tell you what to do from there.

Mrs. Roopy Is Loopy! (My Weird School, #3)Here are a couple more ideas to make this program really great.  Take a class picture with strange props and funny hats to distribute to kids at the end of the program.  Have the kids make up their own funny teacher names and bios.  Example:  Miss Torbeck is a Total Wreck (my maiden name was Torbeck).  I'd be the wacky library and let's kids talk in the library and build forts with cushions and act out books.  The flip side of that could be Mrs Erickson is Just No Fun-the total stereotype librarian that's mean and won't let anyone touch the books.  Ohh, there's a cool Jekyll and Hyde element here!

Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal! (My Weird School, #11)Most importantly, let the children enjoy the books and the zaniness, and teachers, try to embrace some of the weirdness.  It will definitely help your students with the first day jitters!

Happy Reading!

My Weird School!

Welcome and Secret Word!
If I say the secret word, then I’ll kiss a pig!
Coach Hyatt Is a Riot! (My Weird School Daze #4)(It was a pig puppet.  Taken from Mr. Klutz is Nuts)

Teacher Introductions
(Simply show several of the books and let kids marvel at the strange titles.)

Read from Mrs. Roopy is Loopy
Game:  Mrs. Kormel Says
Ms. Hannah Is Bananas! (My Weird School, #4) (From Mrs. Kormel is Not Normal)

Game:  Feather Balancing
Game:  Scarf Juggling
(Both from Coach Hyatt is a Riot)

Craft:  Ms. Hannah's Art Class
(Found object art idea from Ms. Hannah is Bananas

Remember to set out plenty of My Weird School books for check out!

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