Thursday, November 15, 2012


I never thought it would happen to me.  I never thought I would fall victim to Fan-Girl Syndrome.  I've held it off for so long!  I didn't go crazy over N*Sync (ha! you-know-who-you-are), I wasn't obsessed with Elijah Wood, and the closest I ever came to being a fan girl was with Leonardo DiCaprio before Titanic.  It was too cliche to like him after Titanic.

I even resisted becoming too overly involved with other big series.  I didn't get too crazy over Harry Potter, Twilight, or The Hunger Games.  I was strangely involved in 39 Clues for someone my age, but it was for the library.  I had to do all of that extensive research and game playing to be ready for my library programs.

But this is totally different.  I'm a Daughter of Smoke and Bone Fan-Girl.  It's weird.  I don't think that I'm your typical DSB Fan-Girl.  This is a series that was kinda rolled out to the Comic Con crowd, and I don't fit that.  I'm more so your normal, young, children's librarian.  I dress pretty conservatively, because there's nothing more embarrassing than flashing a group of 3 year olds during story time.  I'll wear a costume when I have to, but I don't dress up just because.  I'm wary of tattoos and piercings, because, again, try explaining that to a child.  So, I'm fun, just this side of cool, but not outlandish.  Not like those Young Adult Librarians.  Those chicks are awesome!  Like roller derby girls without so much aggression.

Note:  I really do like YA Librarians.  Some of my closest friends are YA librarians, but you have to admit that there are some key differences between the Children's and YA girls.  It's like Ten Things I Hate About You.  Julia Stiles would be the cool teen librarian, sort of tough and alternative, and her little sister would be the children's librarian, all mainstream with just a little bit of toughness deep down.  I nailed that metaphor!

Anyway, how did a mild-mannered children's librarian come to love such an outlandish series?  I don't know.  It's just that good.  Maybe I just needed a little more adventure in my life.  Not that my life doesn't have adventure-just not that type of adventure.  If your life has adventure on level with resurrecting monsters and fighting seraphim, I'm honestly a little worried for you.  I just think it's rare to find a book that so perfectly combines action and lightness.  And yes, I'm obsessed with the characters. I told you Monday that if I were a tattoo girl, I'd be all inked up for Karou, Akiva, Issa and Brimstone.  Thank goodness I am not a tattoo person.  Maybe there should be a waiting period for getting a tattoo, like buying a gun.  You should really think these kind of decision through.

But I'll have plenty of time to stew in my Fan-Girl-ness.  The final book in the trilogy won't be out until April 2014.  APRIL 2014!  That's a year and a half away.  I have lots to read before then, but my goodness that's a long time!  Maybe my Fan-Girl-ness will go away by then, maybe I'll be cured.  I doubt it though.  I was crazy style excited for Days of Blood and Starlight, and I know that I'll be hunting for clues about the next book.  It's so frustrating.  I don't know how these One Direction girls do it!

I really need to bring this home.  It's been a ramble.  If you have books that I should read during my long, year-and-a-half wait, let me know.  Until then, you read these books and tell me I'm crazy in my Fan-Girl-ness.

Happy Reading!

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