Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today is the Day!!

Today is the day that the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone is released!  Say hello to Days of Blood and Starlight!

Isn't it beautiful!

Oh, you mean to tell me today's important for a different reason.  That's right, it's Laura's birthday!

And there's some election going on, yeah, yeah, yeah.  But everyone is talking about that today, so let's be different!  (Aside:  When I wrote this post months ago, I honestly had no idea that November 6 was election day.  I'm betting that that post title confused a lot of people.)

I have to admit, I turned on my Kindle this morning, watched my book download and then did a happy dance.  I haven't cracked it open yet.  I'm kinda nervous to start reading it because I know that I'll have to wait for another year for the next book, and that just seems cruel.  Plus, I'm starting to think that this is a series that I should own as a physical book, not just the Kindle.  Maybe I'll ask for the box set once it's all out for Christmas.

Anyway, you know what else is exciting?  There's Daughter of Smoke and Bone jewelry!

These are my two favorite pieces.  I love the tooth necklace because it reminds me of Brimstone, and the broken wishbone is just too cool.  The website says it represents the ruined love between Karou and  Akiva.  Plus, all of the money that Laini Taylor receives from the jewelry sales will go to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief.  The catch to all of this is that it's expensive stuff!  The tooth necklace is $98 and the broken wishbone (cool as it is) is $140.  Ouch.  So, in the interest of my credit card balance, I have found some other Karou-esque jewelry for you from www.sarahaghill.com.

Here are three pieces from Sarah Aghill that I think convey the Karou spirit.  First up, the Sideways Hamsa bracelet for $8.50.  Next, the Sideways Wishbone necklace, while not near as tragic as the Broken Wishbone, it's still different enough that I think it works and it's only $12.80.  And finally, the Three Tooth necklace, $8.50, for Brimstone, wherever you are.

If you choose to purchase some Sarah Aghill Karou-esque jewelry, be a dear and donate some cash to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy.  Then you've got the best of both worlds.  Wow, I feel so chic, like The Look 4 Less, recommending great pieces as a fraction of the cost.

I'm just so excited for this new book!  And there's another big book release today, on a completely different topic:  Young House Love!  I'm an avid reader of their blog, and actually their blog kinda inspired me to start my little blog (about something completely different) so I was very excited to get it in the mail Saturday.  Thank you, Amazon pre-order!  If you like fun decorating tips, you should check it out.  And little of what is in the book has been featured on the website, so you get a lot of fun projects.  Plus, I get to go meet them this weekend!  Yay for happy accidents!  I had a trip planned anyway that just happened to coincide with a book signing.  Whoot!

Today is just such a big exciting day, with all of these great books coming out!  And yeah, yeah, yeah, the election and stuff, but the books, people, the books!

Happy Reading!

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