Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Last night instead of sitting at home passing out candy, I took things to the streets!  Well, the parking lot.  My church hosted its first Trunk or Treat.  The idea behind this is kinda weird to me.  You are supposed to lure young children to your car by promising candy.  Any other day of the year people would be yelling STRANGER DANGER, or posting Code Crimsons online, but not at Halloween!

In true librarian fashion, my trunk was all about reading.  At first I wanted to do Haunted Library, but that was vetoed because it would have been too scary, so I regrouped and did Reading is a HOOT!  I checked out over 30 owl (and other assorted bird) books from the public library and arranged them in my car, complete with these cute scrapbook paper owls that I made.  I also cut out the letters on the Cricut.  I'm becoming quite the Cricut addict.  I really hope that there is one under the Christmas tree.

In addition to candy, I gave out bookmarks and stickers.  I ran out of bookmarks pretty early, but several kids said things like, I love to read, when they picked them up, so that was pretty heartwarming.    Little revelers received stickers instead, and one little ladybug even told me what the owl said - whoooot!  It was adorable.

Most people took me for a teacher, but I was quick to correct them.  I am a librarian people!  Yes, that's a full time job (for some lucky people).  Yes, you do need a master's degree.  Yes, I do wear glasses and cardigans and pearls, and I shush people - so you better watch it mister!

Several people commented on all of the books that I had, and I did point out that I borrowed them from the library, and from what I heard back, there are a lot of library lovers out there.  And there you see Doug in the background on Lucy duty.  They both hung out and entertained the crowd.

Lucy was a star!  Several children asked to pet her and she just sat and loved on all of them.  I love hearing little kids squeal when Lucy licks their fingers. It's just the sweetest sound.  Doug did remind me that maybe it wasn't the best idea to have Lucy out there because she took the focus off the books, but that was okay with me.  It's just nice to see her interacting so well with little people.

I really wanted to decorate more, but I was running out of time and Doug made me quit, but I am already thinking about next year - Batty for Books!  Or maybe Get Caught in a Good Book, with a giant spider web all over the back of my car.  Oooh, the possibilities!  Either way it will be a lot of fun. And my car was the best literacy-based vehicle out there, so yea me!

I hope that your Halloween was filled with lots of treats!

Happy Reading!

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