Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I have a serious problem

I'm addicted to Amazon.  I told myself that I wouldn't buy as many Kindle books anymore.  I told myself that I would use the library instead of falling prey to the instant gratification of buying the book. I obviously failed.

Do you ever open your credit card bill and hope that someone has racked up fraudulent charges, because there's no way that you spent that much?  I'm not the only one out there like this, but I am betting that I am the only one whose impulse purchases are books and not shoes.  Yep, opened the credit card bill and went "What? Seriously, but I've been so good this month."

Yeah, except for those 8 Kindle books I bought.  Oops.

And let me just say something right here.  My balance is not ridiculous.  I'll pay it off in full this month, just like every other month.  I'm not living week to week and not buying groceries to feed my reading addiction.  I still save money, I still give to charity, and I still feel marginally okay about my financial situation.

But, it's about to get worse.

Why?  Because Doug is buying a Kindle Fire HD soon.  That's why.  So now, both of us will be using MY AMAZON ACCOUNT!  Crud.  I'm gonna open that bill and cry.  Every other charge will be Amazon.  They've got me in a bad place.  It's like I'm a junkie and they know it, and now they are going after the ones I love!

I'm going to make this resolution again.  I will limit my Kindle books to 2 per month.  That's totally reasonable.  Because, really, reading is my profession.  (Okay, not my profession exactly, but you know what I mean).  I will read all of those galleys that I have saved up on my Kindle.  I will use interlibrary loan to read new releases.  I will cultivate the patience of a saint!  And, perhaps most importantly, I will unsubscribe from the Daily Deal.  Yes, I have to.  It's like when you're in the sale section at Old Navy and you buy a weird yellow top because it's only $2, but you know that you'll wear it once, because it's kinda gross looking, but it's $2!  That's what Daily Deals are like.  Cheap books that are cheap for a reason.  (But sometimes, rarely, you get that really good deal, like the blue toggle front coat I scored at the Gap for $10 last year.  No, getting off topic-must unsubscribe!)

Let's see how this goes.  I'll check in next month and let you know.  Until then, let's celebrate the fact that I have not spent any money on Amazon today.  You gotta take this one day at a time!

Happy Reading!

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