Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Favorite Things

No, not like Oprah's favorite things.  I'm sorry, you will not receive a new car after reading this post.  Stop waiting by the mailbox, a gallon of Grater's Ice Cream is not coming your way.

(Oh, but imagine if it were!  That is one of my favorite things.  Grater's Raspberry and Dark Chocolate.  I have to go back to Cincinnati!)

It's been a long winter/year/semester/week and I need to think happy.  My moods were already lifted by Wonder, but I need a little more, so in true Sound of Music fashion, I am going to meditate on my favorite things.

Favorite Thing to Wear:

This black jersey dress.  I'm dreaming of the day that I can pull this favorite out of the closet.  It's super comfy and perfect for summer.  And while we are talking favorite, check out that beautiful day in Cincinnati!  That's one of my favorite memories from last summer-our trip to visit my Aunt Roxie.

Favorite Pandora Station:

FUN.  Seems kinda self explanatory there, doesn't it?  A FUN Pandora station that is fun.  I feel like I end up with a lot of songs that are on car commercials on this station and recently the ladies have really started to take over, like Ingrid Michelson and Kate Nash, but it's always light, happy music so perfect for slow days at work.

Favorite Pastime:

Deer hunting with the little man.  Seriously, what do you think I like to do, it's in the title of this blog.  

Favorite Person:

This dancing fool.  I have to add this picture whenever I possibly can, it just completely summarizes Doug in one image.

Favorite Person Runner-Up:

She's people!  Plus Lucy is very cuddly and soft.  All good qualities in a favorite person.

Favorite Book:  

When Michelle Duggar declares a favorite child, I'll declare a favorite book!  There are just too many to choose from!

 Favorite City:  

Boston.  Sure I should probably say Chicago, and that might even be true, but I would move to Boston in a minute.  What happened there has made me very sad, but Doug and I had a great honeymoon there and he has many great memories from his time in Boston.  When I start dreaming of a quick vacation, I often look up flights to Boston, so my thoughts and prayers are with all of the families effected by this tragedy.

I think that we all need to take a minute and be thankful for the things that we have, our family, friends, memories, and even silly things like pretty dresses and good books.

Happy Reading

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