Friday, April 19, 2013

Hooray for Publisher!

Call me weird, but I love Microsoft Publisher.  I'm addicted to it.  I know that practically anything you can do in Publisher you can do in Powerpoint or Word, but trust me, Publisher is easier.  You can manipulate everything so easily and overlay text and graphics in a snap and make teeny tiny adjustments.  It's just wonderful!

I use Publisher for everything!  Storytime outlines, newsletters, posters, calendars, banners, craft templates, postcards--basically if I have to design something from scratch, I do it on Publisher.

Then I went all Mac and lost my precious Publisher forever!  (Cue screaming and gnashing of teeth.)

Seriously, I hate using Powerpoint and Word to create fancy stuff.  Word is great for term papers and Powerpoint is great for presentations, but if I want to design and print my own wedding invitations, I need Publisher!  That really happened.  To save money, I bought a print-your-own wedding invitation kit, but my hubby-to-be's computer was a Mac, so no Publisher.  I worked and worked and worked on Powerpoint to get those invitations printed and used every curse word I could think of and quite a few creative additions of my own.  I almost didn't get married because of it.  A difference in desktop publishing software is a big issue in a marriage.  Almost as important as your favorite baseball team.

Moving on.  We recently purchased a new computer, a PC laptop with Windows 8 that I'm still learning, but the best news is that I bought Publisher this week!  And not a moment too soon honestly!  Not only can I now start sharing my old storytime outlines again (because let's face it, I'm running out of things to say here) but I can also start designing fun crafts and posters for VBS.  Plus I can start converting all of those little awards and posters that I created on Publisher at work to Powerpoint (stupid, high tech work iMac).  Just doing one of those conversions already has been screaming work appropriate obscenities at my computer.

By the way, work appropriate obscenities include "blast it all", "son of a mother", "good night", "for the love", and my favorite "Einstein's whiskers!"  Okay, I've never said that last one, but I'm going to.

Basically this means that you can look forward to some more storytime posts, which are always fun and usually popular.

Happy Reading!

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