Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pigeon!


This is the little book that started it all!  The Pigeon is ten years old!  I am a huge Pigeon fan, and a huge Mo Willems fan in general.  I like that the books are interactive and absurd, and in my experience, children love to tell the Pigeon NO!  Children hear that word enough, so it's really fun for them to say it sometimes too.

In 2008 when our country went to the polls to elect a new leader, I am proud to say that I was the campaign manager for the Pigeon.  It was Pigeon against Duck (from Duck for President by Doreen Cronin) and it was a battle in my library.  It was a completely grassroots effort.  We designed our own posters, campaign buttons and slogans.  My slogan was Winnin' with the Pigeon.  Catchy right?  Our library even score a decommissioned polling station from the city, so it was a real set-up.  Children where really able to vote just like their parents.  

The campaign got a little nasty.  Some how a Squirrel got in the mix.  At first he supported Pigeon but then he went rogue.  Some posters were defaced in the staff areas.  Everyone was rocking their campaign buttons and the battle lines were drawn.  My co-workers did not pass over to my side of the work room and I didn't tread on their side.  It was great!

And when it came down to it, Pigeon won!  I attributed the win to my story time kids who loved the Pigeon just as much as I did.  And I read them Mo Willems constantly.  Since my kids were ages 3-5 (prime voting age in these type of elections) I was able to carry the vote.  My co-workers so supported the duck taught the baby story times, and a small but mighty first grade story time.  The baby vote just didn't turn out on election day!  

Anyway, back to the real pigeon.  So far the pigeon empire includes five hardcover books,

two board books,

 and one activity book.

And that's just the books we are talking about.  There is a plush Pigeon (which I own), and loads of other fun Mo Willems stuff from yOttOy.

There are Pigeon games available from Are You Game?.

And of course there is Pigeon apparel from Wonder-Shirts!

So much Pigeon!!  Can't get enough?  (Because I sure can't!) Head over to The Pigeon Presents for more fun, then check out Mo Willems Doodles, and Mo Willems Stuff.  

More you say, MORE!  Then just stop by Pinterest and search for Pigeon to find tons of pins on lesson plans and crafts.  

What will you be doing on the Pigeon's birthday?  I think I will hang out with my Pigeon plush, repeatedly telling it, NO, you can't drive the bus!  Come to think of it, I don't get to tell people NO enough in my own life, maybe that's why I like the Pigeon books so much too.

Go, celebrate!  Eat a hot dog, stay up late, and if you can, drive a bus!

Happy Reading!

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