Monday, April 14, 2014


I have this old GPS system, you know the one.  Every time you take a road or turn that the GPS wasn't expecting, it says "Recalculating" in that annoying robot voice.

Fun side note, the voice on our GPS is called Samantha, which really helps when you are angry at the GPS for not having an avoid-the-ghetto option.  It's much more effective to yell at Samantha instead of a little black box.

My apologies to my friend Samantha, but since I call you Sam, it's all good.

Another fun side note, our GPS was maced by sunscreen last year and doesn't really work anymore, but I needed the recalculating reference, so please excuse the fact that a) I have a non-functioning GPS, b) Samantha now sounds really wonky, and c) this post is going no where.

All this to say, my life is recalculating right now.  Some how the directions I was using got lost, or were wrong, and now I find myself in a totally strange situation.  Samantha is not helping me, rather she just keeps repeating "Recalculating".  I get it Samantha-I'm lost!

And when you're lost, you might turn down the radio so you can think and get yourself even more stressed out because frankly when you're lost and lonely, you need to be singing along to Ke$ha.  You can't take life seriously when you are sining along to Ke$ha.  So instead of metaphorically turning down the radio, I'll be cranking it full volume and enjoying the ride.  It's gonna get dark, it's gonna be a long detour, but eventually, I'll be back to normal.

Are you really still reading this?  If so, give yourself a pat on the back, because I'm actually reaching my point!

Instead of book reviews and librariany stuff I'll be posting my 5 Things to Brighten Your Day for each day, because despite being lost, this little pregnant lady needs to stay positive.  I honestly just won't have a lot of time for reading in the foreseeable future, which is a bummer, but that's okay.  Plus, I'm not sure that the epic battle of Dreams of Gods and Monsters is so appropriate right now.  I'm in a Liesl and Po kinda mood.

So, here's today's list:

Five Things to Brighten Your Day
Despite the BS That May Get In Your Way

1.  Pink Cardigan.  How can you seriously have a bad day when wearing bright pink?
2.  Green Tea….it's this pregnant girl's coffee
3.  Baby kicks.  I'm in that sweet spot of feeling the kicks without being hurt by them.
4.  Sleepy beagles.  Lucy is adorable when she's sleepy, mostly because it's hard to be muddy and loud when sleeping.  I'll probably feel the same way about my children.
5.  Family pictures.  We got some great shots this weekend and I promise to get them printed and framed soon.  I might actually become a picture person.

So, for the time being, check in and see what's making me happy instead of children's book reviews.  I'm guessing that more people can relate to random happy things than a 30+ year old reading children's books anyway.

Stay Happy!

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