Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Thought This Day Would Never Come

Just in case you are new here, my favorite book series is wrapping up today.  It's a bittersweet time, but I'm very exciting to get home tonight and tuck into Dreams of Gods and Monsters!  

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So far this day is living up to all of my expectations:  It's spring-ish outside, my five year wedding anniversary on Friday was lovely, I made it through three big work events in five days without punching anyone, I got to Skype (via sonogram) with my little biscuit who is growing every day, and my favorite book arrived on my Kindle at 11:48 pm last night without a hitch.  Had I known it would hit my Kindle before midnight, I would have waited up, but this little biscuit likes to sleep, so mama had to get to bed.  My husband was actually a little surprised that I wasn't going to wait up, like I might have in my younger days.

I'm afraid that this will be another slow week for posting, but at least this time it is because I will be reading myself into a tizzy, which of course I will then share with you.  It's seriously taking all of my will-power to not download this book onto my computer and spend all day reading covertly.  It will be hard, but I can do it!

Happy Reading!! (and if you're reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters, call me in two days and we'll discuss!)

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