Friday, December 14, 2012

Fan Girl Jewelry

It does seem like you can get jewelry inspired by any young adult series now, whether officially sponsored by the publisher, or on Etsy.  I showed you the Daughter of Smoke and Bone jewelry line weeks ago, and now The Huffington Post is getting on the action.

Now, you can pretty well search any major series on Esty and come up with inspired jewelry.  I highly recommend you try it!  I personally found my own look-alikes for the pricer DSB jewelry on Etsy.

Please disregard my mannish hand.  I never realized how difficult it is to photograph your own wrist.  Anyway, these are some bracelets that I ordered from NanaStudio (although I just checked and she's on vacation for a bit, but there are other vendors that sell similar items).  The first bracelet is a gold wishbone on black cord.  The second is a gold feather on a dark purple braided cord.  Finally, there's a gold hamsa on the aqua-ish cord.  I've worn them pretty often ever since I bought them and I really like them all tangled and stacked up together.  Plus, each one has a little charm on the clasp that says "Be Happy".  Not that happiness is a primary theme in DSB, but it's a nice reminder to me.

I find myself playing with my bracelets pretty regularly during the day and it's a good reminder of the book that I love so much, and they are temporary.  Not like a tattoo.  I can proudly wear my love for Daughter of Smoke and Bone but remove it when the time strikes.  Jewelry is great like that.

If there's a series that you are crazy about, I recommend you just go type it into Etsy and see what happens.  Or, just search out your own jewelry, since DSB won't yield too many results.  Instead, try "tooth necklace" or "wishbone bracelet", or whatever other reminders you would like from the book.

If you are thinking Christmas presents, then hurry!  Contact the Etsy seller and see if they can fill your order before Christmas, because nothing stinks more than getting a note in a box saying "I bought you an amazing Hunger Games necklace, but it won't be here until 2013.  Merry Christmas!"

This weekend I'll be gathering up all the Christmas presents to make sure I have enough, then starts the frantic rush to get last minute presents, wrap everything, and start thinking about how we are going to fit everything in the car, and still have room for the dog.  Hopefully we make it this year!  Last year the poor little girl had boxes piled on top of her crate in the car.  Good thing she's a good traveller.

Happy Reading!

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