Monday, December 3, 2012

Little Dinos Don't Bite and an Update

Jane Yolen started it, you know.  Showing young children how to behave by using dinosaurs.  Now, Michael Dahl is taking his turn with a series of board books aimed at teaching positive behavior through dinosaurs.  First up, the biter.  Like little dines, little children sometimes like to bite things, toys, chairs, mom (uh-oh), but this book uses bright, simple illustrations to show that the best thing to bite into is a healthy snack.  A nice board book that teaches a simple lesson, although you do have to wonder how many children will be cutting their teach on this very book.

As I said last week, board books make a great gift for new parents and their lovely (although bitey) children.  They are often reasonably priced and somewhat disposable.  This isn't an heirloom book that will be around forever.  Rather, this is a book that will be loved to death and retired early-but at least it will have lived with purpose.  And it will be hilarious to see those darling Instagram photos of the little baby teething on a book about biting.

And now for the update!  I gave you my to-do list for the weekend, and I actually did quite well on it.  The house is clean and full of holiday cheer (pictures to come, once I find my camera.  I'm really tough on cameras).  I finished Road Trip, as promised, but I struck out on Scaredy Squirrel and Skippyjon Jones at my library.  I'll have to try the other one later this week.  And I am blowing through Rebel Angels like nothing.  But the biggest news is:  I FINISHED BY BOOK REVIEWS!!  Wooo!

Here's the break down of my reviews:
1.  Mediocre middle grade fiction
2.  Graphic biography of a deceased pop sensation that I will give to my school librarian friend to give her old-school librarian boss a coronary
3.  Beginning reader on pee-wee America's favorite pass time
4.  Defensive book about the importance of playing outside
5.  Geisel Award winning book and CD kit

Not too bad of a haul.  I've had worse for sure.  That Geisel winner really saved it.  Had that been a non-fiction book on the joys of goat herding it would have gone a completely different direction.  New books will be arriving soon, so I'll give you a break down and estimated review date.  You've got to keep me accountable!!

Happy Reading

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