Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 So, I had this great post planned for today all about the fun little bookmarks that I bought last night at a local art sale.  I took a couple pics of them with my Instagram app and uploaded them to Twitter, like always, so I could add them to this blog later.  Twitter is like my little Instagram Album, my place to store the pictures I want to share, but maybe don't want out on my Facebook.  Accept, that doesn't work anymore!!

ARRGH!  I'm so frustrated with digital content and rights that have nothing to do with the user.  You can read more about the Twitter/Instagram Feud here from CNN.  Also, since Blogger is a Google product, and Instagram is a child of Facebook now, Blogger and Instagram don't play nice together.  And then you have the fact that my phone is a Droid and my computer is a Mac, and my reader is a Kindle, but I love my iPod, and I'm in a very dysfunctional relationship with social media and technology.  Why can't everyone just play nice?

And why can't I save and use the photos that I took how I see fit?

Maybe I should have paid more attention during all of those DRM lectures in grad school.  Maybe I wouldn't be in this mess if I actually did my term paper instead of just BS-ing exactly what I knew the professors wanted to hear.  Digital Rights Media is topic that librarians must be educated on, but as a children's librarian, I never thought it would come back to bit me so hard.

ARRGH!  So, tonight, I will go home, take new pictures with my icky Samsung camera, and tell my hubby again how I need to get a new camera, since Instagram is being mean.  If Instagram were a kid on the bus, my mom would be talking to his mom-that's how mean he is.

Moving on to a better topic-my newest batch of reviews came in!  Just as I expected, I have been demoted to the world of series non-fiction.  I understand, I'll do the time.  I received four books from the same series of craft books for tween girls.  Fantastic!  I get to read about bedazzling for hours!

But, I also received a Book/CD kit that was pure gold.  Let's just say this book wishes a pleasant evening to implements used to build roads and such.  I immediately read it to Doug, despite his eye-rolling, and he liked it.  And Lucy was mellowed by it too, so I'd say it's a great book.

Hopefully, I will have two reviews done by the end of the weekend.  Then it's just slow and steady until the rest are finished.  Actually more steady than slow.  I have that slow part down to a science!  And maybe tomorrow I'll sneak in a quick review of The True Confessions of Charlottle Doyle.  I've been checking out some backlist stuff lately, just to mix it up.

I hope that your day is blissfully free of technological annoyances, and if not, then have a cookie!

Happy Reading!

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