Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Sweet Far Thing and an Update

My breathless run through the Gemma Doyle Trilogy is complete.

Gemma, Ann, and Felicity search for ways to change their own fate and save the realms while still conforming to society's standards.  The girls are equally concerned with their debut, or future employment in Ann's case, and their dear friend Pippa and the Winterlands creatures that threaten to take over the realms.  With help from her visions, Gemma discovered Wilhelmina Wyatt, a Spence girl that discovered the truth about the Tree of All Souls, but her addictions were her downfall, so now the task is left to Gemma.  Again, their is the question of who to trust, as Circe is making more sense, Miss McCleethy is still being cruel, Lord Denby is using Tom as a pawn, and Pippa is making herself queen of the Borderlands.  Even Katrik seems to have a different agenda.  The plot races toward the end, with short reprieves and a few spots were it is hard to keep up.  The ending is satisfying without being too predictable and it is a fitting finish to this series.

My only compliant about this series is that the last book was far too long.  It weighed in at over 800 pages, with the first being only 400 pages (I say "only", but that's half the length of the last one).  But, given the opportunity, I'm not sure what I would have cut out of the book.  It seems that a lot of time was spent in the realms, which was necessary, and on Pippa's little kingdom, but that was also necessary.  Their debuts were important given the time period, and Ann's experience auditioning as Nan Washbran was as well.  This could have been split into two books, I feel, but very few series are four books instead of three.  It you are going to go four books, you might as well go to five, then you're just so close to six, so why not stretch it a little longer.  No, three seems to be the magic number, so I guess my point it moot.

That being all I have to say on this series, next up, Going Bovine, The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Fiona Frost:  Murder at Foster Manor.  The first because I'm on a Libba Bray kick, the second because I never read it, and the last because I love Big Rich Texas and just want to see what it's like.  I'm thinking marginal, like a 2, but I'm willing to be surprised.

Also, I am getting over my Kindle book addiction quite well, thanks for asking.  I actually put The Lucky Ones on hold at my local public library after reading the preview chapters instead of hitting BUY NOW!  I've only purchased two Kindle books this month, both very weird ones too.

First, The Supernatural Bible from Zondervon.  It was $0.99 and I more so got it to see how they sensationalize the Bible to fit the ever growing vampire trend.  Plus, I told my pastor about it and he is interested in checking it out too.  So really, it's research.

Next, Stupid Perfect World by Scott Westerfeld.  I have come to love Scott Westerfeld, but his Levithan trilogy is a little beyond me.  I'm not a steampunk girl, but this is a way for me to get back into this world without so many jacked up animals and old-timey flying machines.  It's a short story, which not only means it was $1.99, but it will probably only take an hour to read, so instant-instant gratification.

Since I've only spent $3 on Kindle Books this month, I think that I'll spring for The Mark of Athena over Christmas.  I have the other two Heroes of Olympus books on my Kindle, so I feel like I need to stick with it.  And that will be another book that once I sit down with it, I won't come up for air, plus I know I'll enjoy it.

Even with Doug's new Kindle Fire,  and all of his Kindle purchases, my credit card balance was quite reasonable.  Maybe it's not the Kindle books that was doing me in, maybe it was all the online purse shopping (JK-but those Kate Spade flash sales were not helping!).

What will you be reading over Christmas?  You've seen my convoluted list.  Anyone else reading a Newbery, a vanity press release and a possibly blasphemous version of the biggest seller of all time?

Just me then.  Alright.

Happy Reading!

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