Thursday, December 13, 2012

Burn for Burn

Small town problems, high school drama, and revenge, plus something just a little darker.  Kat, the outcast, wants to get back at Rennie for being a spoiled queen bee who makes her life miserable.  Lillia, the perfect one, wants to get back at Alex for hooking up with her younger sister, Nadia.  Mary, the new girl, wants to get back at Reeve for ruining her life.  Kat hatches a plan for everyone to get what they want and for no one to get caught.  

What's interesting here is the back story.  All of the action takes place on a small, remote tourist trap, Jar Island.  This is the type of place where the rich come to play, but the townies can't wait to escape.  Plus, Kat, Rennie, and Lillia all used to be best friends, and Lillia and Rennie still are best friends, even though Lillia is helping to plan her demise.  Mary is just a stranger on the outside, and there is much more to her than this book can even hint at, and honestly, her plot line is so out of place that it is jarring against the rest of the book.  Hopefully further installments of this series will balance this out.

This was a NetGalley download, so it was free.  I greatly enjoyed Jenny Han's earlier book Shug, so that is what lead me to pick download and actually read this title.  As you may know, I love downloading NetGalley books, but I don't always finish them.  But this book, with it's talented authors, compelling premise, and Gossip Girl-like cover seemed like a sure thing.  

And while it is an easy read, it's quite predictable, aside from Mary's rather paranormal abilities, which are only hinted at in this first book.  The supporting characters are rather shallow, the high school is a little too cliche, and the revenge of course has unintended consequences.  But readers who have always wanted to stick it to the head cheerleader and the captain of the football team will not be disappointed.  

Happy Reading!

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