Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Kinda a Big Deal

I was chosen as Employee of the Month!  Now, I don't want to disclose exactly where I work, since this blog has absolutely nothing to do with my job, but this is still kinda cool.  I get a super close parking spot, a small (taxable-sad) monetary award, and I'm in the running for Employee of the Year.

And I had a photo shoot!  Ha!  The guy said I was a blinker-yep, knew that.  And this was the best photo that he got, which everyone else says is lovely, but I think could be better.  I'm sure everyone looks at their photos and thinks they look less-than-stellar, so whatever.   But I do think my hair looks great, which is really half the battle.

As for why I was nominated-my Homecoming Decorating, which you can see here.  I didn't get judged due to a mix-up in the paperwork, but I got something even better out of the deal.  Maybe this whole secretary gig isn't so bad afterall.

My reign as Employee of the Month has been interesting.  Someone has already parked in my spot, so I called and had them ticketed.  True story.  It's just like on The Big Bang Theory, except I'm not crazy like Sheldon and I have a car.  Also, I've already had that one person with the attitude of: you think you're so good, well let's see how you do with this ridiculously outside of your jurisdiction task.  And the same unnamed individual told me that today's high-powered cameras don't make anyone look good.  Yeah, it's a pleasure sometimes.

But for the most part it's really cool to know that all the random stuff I do is appreciated.  It's nice to feel the love sometimes.  Especially when there were times when I was longing for libraryland (more on that here and here).  I never won any awards when I was a librarian, although I was Pro-Bowl caliber.  Honestly, I was the Brian Urlacher of story time.  (Let's all take a moment to imagine Brian Urlacher doing a story time.  I actually bet he'd be pretty good.)

All that to say that maybe I'm not such a bad secretary.  True, it's not were my passion lies.  I don't get excited about filing, or typing, or answering phones.  But I do like the students, the atmosphere, the slow summers, and Super-Sticky Post-it Notes.  If only I could sneak more story times into this job, I just might stay here forever.

Also, this just goes to show that you need to try your hardest at what you're getting paid to do.  I might not love the fact that I'm working as a secretary, but that doesn't mean that I can't be good at it.  I am getting paid to do this job, so I'm gonna do it right.  It's well within the scope of my abilities, so I just blow 'em away.  Plus, if I keep working this hard, maybe they'll let me do storytime for the 101 class.  I'm sure that students wouldn't mind.  It would be awesome, in fact.  We'd do Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, read some great star books, I could tell The Pirate Who Tried to Capture the Moon, and then we'd all make star gazer telescopes and eat Moon Pies!

She calls me Moon Pie because I'm nummy-nummy and she could just eat me up.  Sorry TBBT slipped in there again.

And that is my inspirational speech for the day.  Go out and be the best you can be doing whatever you are doing, even if that means working in a field completely outside your education and kinda wasting that fancy Master's Degree you have.  I know I'm not alone in that.

Happy Reading!

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