Friday, October 19, 2012

Know what else I miss?

I miss the gratitude.  Yes, being a librarian is often a thankless job, and more often than not, you're a federally funded babysitter, complete with stinky diapers, hungry kids and bored, destructive monsters.

But, when a little kid says thank you, it's the best.  That happy smile when they finish a craft they really enjoyed.  Shouts of kids asking if they can check that book out after you read it at story time, and the hugs!  I'm going to make myself cry.  I miss that so much!

I miss that look on a kids face when you find that last copy of a book, not on the shelf, hidden on a book cart or misshelved, or under a chair.  Like you, the librarian, brought this book out of hiding by magic, just for him.  Or when you tell a reader, you are the very first person to check this out.  Or suggest a great new book for a reader because you know they'll love it, and they do, and it's just wonderful.  

I miss those smiles, those hugs, those thank you's.  I miss that excitement about something that I helped create.  I miss that wonder and innocence.  

Yep, I'm holding back tears.  But it's been a long thankless day full of demands, but no gratitude, not for the little stuff, or the big, important stuff.  I would love to just see one genuine child's smile today for something that I did.

So, I would really encourage you to share a book with a child today, if you can.  It's the best feeling in the world, and you don't realize how precious it is until it's gone.

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