Thursday, October 4, 2012

Count Your Blessings-1, 2, 3

First, an editorial, if you will.  If you are my friend on facebook, you might have noticed that I was ready to throw office supplies like ninja stars this morning.  That does still apply in some ways.  I do think that there might be a book in there: Office Ninja, but maybe not.  It's been a long week, it's been a weird day, and yes, I have literally banged my head on the desk.  I'm longing for solitary with a full bookshelf like I alluded to a couple of weeks ago.  Being a secretary was not the plan, and I would strongly caution anyone else out there with that as their career goal.  But this is where I've ended up.

When I went home for lunch, a wonderful surprise awaited me:

Two galleys from Sourcebooks.  What's better than free books?  Maybe cash, but let's be real, I'd just spend that cash on books, so this just cuts out the middle man.

Plus, while I was home enjoying a wonderful lunch on the deck, watching my dog chase squirrels (both real and imagined), I began to just feel really blessed.  Here's why:

1.  I will leave this office tonight and go home to a loving husband, playful puppy and warm, comfortable house.  Not too bad.  I'll get to relax, have a great dinner and watch some funny shows curled up with my guy.  I'll get to read to my puppy on the deck, and if there's time and it's not raining, we'll go on a big walk.

2.  I'll leave this town this weekend for a fun time at a wedding up north.  Not only do I get to see some college friends, but I will also get to go to my old church in Carol Stream.  While I'm out and about, I get to go to Ikea!  Let's say that again-Ikea!  A whole big weekend of nothing but getting away and seeing some great people and looking at Swedish furniture-pretty awesome.

3.  Even when I come back to reality, I know that I have a whole family that loves me and supports me.  I know that my informal librarianing (it's a word-to me at least) makes a difference in the lives of children.  I know that I have friends both near and far that would break the kneecaps of anyone that hurt me, and that feels really good.

I honestly think the reason that I'm being given such a hard time this week by some individuals is because they honestly lack blessings and it's stressing them out, so they, in turn stress me out.  I would like to be the more mature person and say that I will love them through it, but let's be real, I'm not there yet.   Instead, I'll count my blessings.  I'll focus on being thankful and refraining from throwing office supplies and maybe when I'm secure enough in my blessings, I can work harder to be a bigger blessing to those that are challenging.

So, here's the take away.  Don't get angry over the little stuff-the petty problems, the simple mistakes and the difficult people.  Count your blessings, take a breath and put down the stapler.

We're all gonna get through this!

Happy Reading!

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