Thursday, October 25, 2012

100th Post Giveaway Celebration!!

Today's the day!  I've hit 100 published posts!  Tune up the band, start the parade, call those Shriner guys in the tiny cars and let's celebrate!!

First, let's chat for a second about why I started doing this.  I'm a librarian without a library and without a library, I had no one to recommend books to, so I was approaching random people in the street and begging them to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone or talk about how Percy Jackson was different as a movie, and don't you hope they make a sequel?  Now, I just put all of my opinions and excitement about books online, and the good people on the street are safe from my ranting.

Most of what I've posted falls under my Librariany category.  In fact, 68 of my posts have to do with story times, book reviews, and general library land.  But because I am more than a librarian, I've thrown in some other stuff for fun, like my hair donation, local events, my nephew's adoption, and most recently, our basement renovation reveal.  But I would say that 68% librarian describes me pretty well.  For the most part, my nose is in a book and even when it isn't, I'm dreaming about books.

Let's look at the stats for a second, because that's fun and kinda blows my mind.  I've had 1819 hits total.  Not a ton, but I'm pretty stoked about that personally.  My most popular post is Nursery Rhyme Crafts with 181 hits, thanks to a Pinterest Pin by the lovely Joella, the best librarian I know in real life.  Second place goes to Anthony's Adoption Day, because I posted that on Facebook and because he's the most adorable kid I know in real life-love that little monkey!  Can't wait to see you in a month!!

I'm most popular in the US, naturally, but Russia has some love for me with 189 hits.  I have 21 hits from my motherland, Germany, and a scattering of other small European countries have given me a handful of hits, with Australia tuning in 4 times.  It always cracks me up when other countries tune in.  How on earth did these people find me?  It just shows that this world is very small-that with a few mouse clicks, you can read about a girl in small town Illinois, or someone living it up in Australia.

To celebrate my 100th post (whoot-whoot!) I'm giving away my book stash!  Librarians are the ultimate hoarders.  What else do you call someone who saves toilet paper rolls, and encourage others to save their toilet paper rolls for them?  It's a sickness!  And being the library-less girl that I am, I've amassed quite the stack of paperbacks and galleys.  I love a galley grab and I am all over the weekly email updates and Goodreads and Library Thing trying to score free stuff, so now you can reap the rewards of my hoarding!

Here's the deal--everyone that comments on my this post is getting a book!  I'm going crazy like Oprah people!!

I reward punctuality, so the first person to comment gets Clockwork Angel, a great book by the way!  After that I'll start sending out surprise books from my collection of galleys and other early reviewers.  If I run out (and I hope I do!!), I'll start sending out other items that are a librarian's best friend, like stickers, fun foam, and maybe toilet paper rolls-you can never have enough.

So, here are the rules.  Comment on this post.  Tell me what your favorite post has been and why.  And if you have any ideas for future posts, let me know!  If you need personalized book reviews, ideas for story time songs or crafts, a witty limerick written in honor of your birthday, let me know!  I'll try my best to make it happen.

Start commenting people!! Remember, favorite post, any suggestions for the future, and any other compliments you would like to lavish on me!

Happy Reading and Good Luck!


  1. Wahoo! You're 100th post. Mostly I love your picture book and story time craft ideas that I can steal! But all in all, your blog just makes me happy! Have a wonderful day! :)

    1. Thanks Joella!! I love stopping by your blog too. I can't believe that you got to hang out with Rick Riordian all day! That event looked incredible. Congrats on your move. It's very exciting that you get to be closer to your family. And, if you haven't read it yet, I will send you a copy of Clockwork Angel. Just email me your new address to misstiffreads at gmail dot com. But if you've already read it, I'll send you a cute housewarming gift instead!