Friday, October 26, 2012

I will work at any library--except this one

It's almost Halloween!!  I like Halloween, but I don't like scary things.  I like my Halloween slightly spooky-just enough for goosebumps, but not nightmares.  So I love the old movies like Hocus Pocus and the Charlie Brown Halloween show, but not movies where people are killed by creepy guys in hockey masks.  I'm a big contradiction.

And last night, Doug and I were just watching TV, minding our own business when the lights go out.  I  went around lighting candles, and since I only have scented candles, it was only about 20 minutes before our house smelled like the Yankee Candle factory exploded.  Anyway, it was a dark and stormy night, the wind had knocked out the power, and I was freaking out.

The conversation that followed was pretty funny, but I won't include the full transcript here.  Topics including:  zombies, how water and septic systems work in town, ghosts, is burning a candle while you sleep safe or unsafe, and the haunted library article I read earlier that day.

I was skimming though my American Libraries Direct Newsletter and saw this article on a haunted library in Connecticut.  It described the strange happenings at the library which included noises, apparitions, and books being reshelved in odd places.  Okay, the book thing doesn't hold much merit to me.  Every library in the world has that "library ghost" that misplaces things.

But the article describes that this ghost asks questions, like what year is it, what am I doing here.  Now I'm creeping myself out.  It's like an endless reference interview!  I kept reading and just kept getting more scared.  Then I made it worse by checking out the haunted libraries of the Midwest.  There's a school library in Illinois that's haunted because a school librarian went nuts and killed herself and three students in 1956 and now they hear screams in the library!  Seriously!

Okay, so I've never seen a ghost, or heard weird noises that I couldn't explain, or other such stuff.  But it's fun to talk about and get a little scared for Halloween.  This Halloween, explore the world of haunted libraries by reading up on the Deep River Public Library, or haunted libraries in your area, and see if you've been to any of these haunted places.

Happy Reading and Sweet Dreams!

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