Wednesday, October 24, 2012

August Wrap-Up: Only Really Late

August was such a long time ago, but it was so much fun!  First up, book club, Night Circus edition!

Our lovely host Erin worked so hard to turn her patio into a magical night circus.  Erin is the one in the red dress, in the back row where she is hiding a little.  There were streamers, lights, and food!  She made these amazing chocolate cake pop rat things that were just delicious-I might have had four, and taken a couple home.  And everyone dressed for the theme!  Black, white, with a peek of red.  Check out my amazing headband-sweet right?  All in all, it was a great meeting and I'm so glad that I read that book.  

Oh, and a big hello to Sarah (Macomb Sarah, not to be confused with Lincoln Sara of Pub and Putt Fame), she's my pseudo librarian bud.  She's the one in the cool animal print shirt next to me.  And she got me an amazing present from a library conference!  I'll share soon.

Next up, Redneck Fishing.  It's kinda hard to describe Redneck Fishing.  And this is one of the only pics that shows the spirit, but is still appropriate for a blog mostly about children's books.  Here's the background:  Asian Carp are taking over the Illinois River, so much so that you don't really need to even fish them, just rev your motor and the fly out of the river.  Scary.  So, the goal is to catch as many fish as you can, but you can't use a fishing pole.  Anything else is allowed-nets, baseball bats, tennis rackets, etc.  Some boaters wear helmets because you can get knocked out by a flying fish.  Again, scary.  

So, I went to Redneck because that was the day of Katie's 30th Birthday!!  She would be the cutie in the middle with the Thirty and Flirty cup (courtesy of Laura).  Mostly we hung out watching fish fly and chilling in this bar on stilts and just taking up some very interesting people watching.  Very interesting, and again, scary.  I saw things that day that I can never unsee, but I did it all for you, Katie! Happy Extra Late Birthday!

And finally for something a little more classy:  A great trip to Northern Kentucky to see my Aunt Roxie.  

Our vacation mostly consisted of seeing the sights, and eating really well.  One thing you can always count on with Roxie is good food.  Life's too short for bad food people.  We hit up all kinds of sights- Newport, KY, a color pencil exhibit at a small museum, Germantown, and probably Doug's favorite, Hofbrauhaus.  

The Hofbrauhaus is an authentic German restaurant in Newport.  You sit at long wood tables, drink from huge mugs of beer, and listen to a crazy guy play an accordion.  Above, Doug does the chicken dance.  You are encouraged to stand on the benches, but not the table.  Because if you stand on the table, it could break, causing to you spill your beer and the beer of your fellow dinners, and there is no greater sin than spilled beer at the Hofbrauhaus.  Now, even though I'm like 100% German (my family tree is a little curvy), I don't like German food, or beer.  I think I choked down a glass of the lightest stuff that I could get and tried to order something that wasn't all pork, but I would go again just for the atmosphere.

And you saw this pic already, but this is Roxie and I outside the city museum after we toured the Vesuvius exhibit, which was freaky.  Well all know what happened, big volcano, unprepared town, but it's crazy to see it person.  Not in person in person, but they did have some of the preserved corpses.  It was intense.  But that fountain and view were beautiful.  After that, there was more food, the Taft museum and more food.  And we might have eaten some more food in there.  So museums and food, that's all I ever get with Roxie, but what a fun time!  We'll be back!!

So, that was August.  We also had some cool townie events, like Denim and Diamonds, and the Purple and Gold Auction, with the best night of karaoke that I've ever seen in my life afterward.  Doug and I really got a reputation that night for being great performers.  And then college football started and suddenly summer was over and fall was upon us.  It was a great summer though!  Thanks to everyone who made it so amazing!!

Happy Reading!

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