Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Inspired Nightmares

I have lots of crazy dreams, but never the normal ones where I show up to class naked or I'm falling or flying.  No, I have weird dreams that are all together different, and sometimes my nightmares are inspired by the books that I'm reading.

Case in point, last night I had a nightmare that I had killed some people-previously, not in the nightmare, but that their bones were buried under this ugly bush in our front yard.  Our actual front yard, mind you.  Sometimes when you dream you assign something as yours, but it's not like that in real life.  No, I was digging up a bush that really does exist in my front yard and found these bones, and I was all freaked out because now everyone was going to find out my secret and I had to tell Doug that I killed all these people.

I'm realizing that you likely did not sign on for this kind of post so early in the morning, but I'm getting to my point.

Last night I finished up my preview chapters of The Diviners and those chapters ended with the discovery of a girl killed in an occult fashion.  It also kinda described the time just before her death and all.  It's not like it was super graphic.  If you watch Criminal Minds, or any of the CSIs, you're fine, but I don't watch that stuff because it gives me nightmares, so I really should have seen this coming.

This isn't the first time that  book have given me nightmares.  When I first tried to read Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, I had such a bad nightmare that I didn't pick up the book again for two years.  And even Twilight gave me nightmares.  I very clearly remember this dream where I had locked up a vampire baby in my parent's guest room and Edward and I were on the phone trying to call Carlisle and this vampire baby is trying to break out of the room, and this dream was well before I had read book four, so I had no idea that there was an actual vampire baby in the series.

In addition to The Diviners, I also checked out a couple preview chapters of The Spindlers, which is about changelings and I'm reading this weird, parallel worlds book, Behind the Bookcase from Netgalley, so I really had a feeling that I was in for some strange dreams.  While we're on the topic of The Spindlers, will changelings be the next vampire/werewolf/fallen angel/mermaid?  There was The Replacement a couple years ago, and I know that I've seen other changeling books out there.  This could be the next big thing.  You just watch.

My recommendations for late night reading-something light and warm and fuzzy.  Like twenty Elephant and Piggie books.  Maybe then I'd have sweet dreams instead of nightmares.

Happy Reading and Sleep Tight!

Disclaimer:  No people-fictional, real or otherwise-were hurt during the making of this blog post.  On a side note, I'm never digging up that ugly bush in my front yard.  It might be there for a reason.

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