Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Review: Andy, Also

Andy Also
By Maxwell Eaton III
Blue Apple Books, 2014
Reviewed from Edelweiss
Audience:  Preschool to Grade 3
ISBN:  9781609054571
Expected Publication Date:  August 5, 2014

In this short chapter book/graphic novel adventure, Preston and Andy have an identity crisis of sorts.  Preston insists on being called Andy which angers the original Andy who then somehow becomes Doctor Turkeyfeet, which in turn confuses the original Doctor Turkeyfeet.  In the next chapter, the animals strike up a band much to the dismay of Andy, the original.  Finally, Preston, once again Preston, tricks Andy into a foot race with 100 insulted bunnies.  If it all sounds a little too strange, that's because it is, and young readers will love every word!

I enjoyed this sequel to Okay, Andy!  Like most buddy books, you have one fanciful character and one curmudgeon and plenty of fun. The dialogue is easy to read and the action is snappy and will provide plenty of laughs.  

My only problem would be cataloging this book.  Where would you put it?  Picture book, easy reader, chapter book, graphic novel?  I think the case could be made for all of these.  I would like shelve this in the easy reader section despite the designation as a beginning chapter book.  The chapters are more like simple stories to me.

One final thought, this book would be great for a simple reader's theatre or class play.  Each chapter could easily be played out by students and they would greatly enjoy the humor.

And how surprising is it that I actually posted a book review?  I'm just as shocked as you are!

Happy Reading!

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