Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Review: Hug Me

Hug Me
By Simon Ciraolo
Flying Eye Books, 2014
Reviewed from Edelweiss
Audience: Preschool-Kindergarten
ISBN:  9781909263499
Expected Publication Date:  September 9, 2014

Felipe is just a normal cactus, except he wants to be hugged.  He is not in a family of huggers, however, and when he meets a friend (a balloon) the results are rather disastrous.  He goes off in search of a new family, but no one wants to hug him, so he learns to live alone.  That is until he finds someone else that is equally unhugable, but still deserving of love.  Readers will appreciate this sweet little cactus that just wants a friend and will also enjoy the friend that he finally makes.

Hug Me would be a great addition to a story time on plants, friends, or even just hugging.  Readers will immediately understand why Felipe isn't getting a hug, but maybe they could suggest other animals or things that might hug Felipe, like a porcupine.  Readers could even write a similar story with an unhugable animal like a skunk or possum, although I might be the only person that thinks possums are completely unloveable.

This sweet little book is likely to delight readers and leave them a little more sympathetic to the plight of the cactus.

Happy Reading!

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