Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Things: Friday!

5 Things to Brighten Your Day
Despite the BS that May Get in Your Way

1. Vacation Bible School wrapped up last night, and while I wasn't in charge, I still volunteered, so I'm very happy that it's over!

2.  As a reward for surviving four days of work, then VBS, I had hot chocolate this morning and it was bliss.  Can't wait for coffee though.

3.  There was a random deer grazing on the grass surrounding the parking lot today.  I tried to get a picture, but I was too far away and didn't want to spook it.  Nice little calm sighting to start the day.

4.  I posted six (6!) book reviews in a row!  I think I might deserve a medal, or at least another hot chocolate.

5.  It's Friday and that's enough.

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