Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Four

Well, that was a bad idea.  While looking for free previews on Amazon this morning (which is also a bad idea because I get sucked in and end up buying the book), I found this short Divergent story.   Since I have a major Four crush, I clicked Buy Now and read this crazy quick short story.

Just one scene is told by Four-the knife throwing scene where Tris takes Al's place at the target and stands up to Eric's bullying.  It was a great scene the first time around, and knowing that Four already has feelings for he at this point and that he is secretly trying to help her makes it even more intense.

I really appreciated this little glimpse into Four's psyche.  But, it made me want to read Insurgent even more, so a $0.99 purchase lead to the $7.99 purchase of Insurgent for my Kindle.  But I can justify this.  I'll be taking some time off next week and I have a feeling that I will need some highly engaging, escapist reading to keep me company.  I should probably read something really light and sugary next week instead of dystopian YA, but at least this will keep me from reading The Fault in Our Stars.

I'll explain later.  Once everything shakes out and life is bright and sunny again.

But don't worry.  I fully plan on reading Bossypants next week too.  So if Insurgent gets too dark, I can lighten the mood.  And if all else fails, there's always Angry Birds.  Or I can pull up Let's Pretend this Never Happened on my phone.  That's a great book to get you out of a funk!

Happy Reading!

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