Friday, January 18, 2013

I Hate Picture Books

I don't really hate picture books, and maybe the boy in this book doesn't either.  This young reader loudly declares that he hates picture books because they are completely implausible (a pigeon driving a bus, cows that type-not likely), and they have actually gotten him in trouble.  He drew on the walls after seeing it in a book and he ate green ham, and threw up everywhere.  Caution:  there is a drawing of vomit, but considering the target age, it's a good thing.  And the worst offender was a book about a lost little bird that couldn't find his mama, which made him cry.  So he's throwing all of his picture books away, except this one, and this one, and that one.  Just leave him alone so he can read his picture books already!

I was all prepared to write this one off as marginal, but it's actually pretty great.  At first I thought the illustrations were a little crude, but they are appealing to children, and the way that the boy fits in the illustrations of each book that he enters is impressive.  Also, the variety of books that are referenced is very nice too since it includes classics and more modern classics.  Plus, this is the way that many readers feel.  At some point, picture books become something for babies and they want to move on to chapter books.  This is something that librarians are noticing more and more, but this book will address that issue and remind readers that even though they can read chapter books, it's a pleasure to read picture books.

This was a NetGalley find, and a great one at that.  I think this book would work very well in story time with its vivid pictures and short text, plus most readers are going to see what's really going on here and love it.  I recommend this to every library-school, public and what not-to remind readers that picture books are always a pleasure.

Happy Reading!

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