Monday, January 28, 2013

One Resolution Holding Strong

Like everyone, I made a ton of resolutions this year.  I actually wrote some of them down, which brings us to the one resolution that has stuck and that I really enjoy.  My daybook.

Okay, that's a terrible picture.  But, I asked for a day book this year in the hopes that I would start keeping a journal of sorts.  Not like an Oprah-style gratitude journal, or inspirational tome for my future grandchildren to read, just a record of accounts.  I remember my dad doing this when I was home.  He had these little pocket planners and he would write down notable events of the day.  Most of it was farm related stuff, like when he planted or sprayed, or what corn sold for, but some of it was family stuff, like moving us into college, or when we came home for break.  Or, when we brought a boy home.  He didn't write everyday, sometimes he just checked in once a week, and he'd yell "What did I do on Tuesday?" and the whole family would stare off into space until someone remembered, "You fixed the sprayer and Tiffany had a volleyball game."  Both events would go in the book.

By the way, I played volleyball for all of two years in junior high.  I was terrible.  It's not quitting when you stop doing something you're awful at to pursue doing something you are marginally okay at-like theatre!  You heard me, I was a great actress once!

So this Christmas I asked for a day planner, and my sis-in-law got me this beautiful, leather bound day book with book cover illustrations.  I love this book.  It's so classy, and over-the-top.  I just wanted a simple day book, but I feel so sophisticated writing in this book every night that I know this resolution will stick.

Everyday, I note what I did.  I write down things like what exercises I did, if we did something with friends, books I read, etc.  That's what I used to love about going through my old day book at the end of the year-seeing all the stuff I accomplished-so this isn't a book of To-Do's, it's a whole book of It's Done!  (Well, I do note a couple of hard to remember things, like giving Lucy her tick meds, but that doesn't count.)  It's so nice to sit down at the end of the day and say, this is everything I did today, even if I just write, slow day, kinda lazy.  Every one needs those days.

That's my big resolution that is still going strong.  I hope that your resolutions are sticking too!

Happy Reading!

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