Friday, January 25, 2013

Scarlet Preview

The second book in the Lunar Chronicles introduces a new character, Scarlet, but that doesn't mean that we've left Cinder behind.  In these preview chapters, readers learn that Scarlet's grandmother is missing, there is a unusually sensitive and intriguing street-fighter named Wolf on the loose and that Cinder is making plans to escape prison.  After this little preview, I'm very excited for the release of Scarlet on February 5.

I have a feeling that Scarlet will make a great heroine.  She seems tough and smart, but she also seems a bit reckless.  I think that Wolf will prove to be very interesting.  I can't tell yet if he's the good guy or the bad guy or the bad-good guy or the good-bad guy.  It's all too confusing.  I can't imagine that Marissa Meyer would allow him to be one dimensional, so we'll have to see how this shakes out.

Cinder is also sporting some new robotics according to this preview.  Very interesting.

I caved and pre-ordered Scarlet.  Mostly because there was a giveaway associated with the pre-orders.  And, hey, where is my limited edition Scarlet lip gloss, by the way?  Admitting that I pre-ordered a book for lip gloss is very sad.  Very sad indeed.

Back a couple of months ago, when I didn't have a good topic, like today, I would post an old story time.  You  might be wondering where those days went.  Well, I'm all Mac now and I can no longer access my story time outlines since they are all in Publisher.  Hopefully I will be able to access and covert them to a more friendly file format soon.  Until then, I will still be cobbling together blog posts out of nothing.  But you better believe when I finally do get my outlines back, I'll post nothing but story times for 2 weeks straight!

It's Friday!  I hope your weekend is fully of long baths and lots of books!

Happy Reading!

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