Friday, May 23, 2014

5 Things: Eat, Drink, Read

5 Things to Brighten Your Day
Despite the BS that May Get in Your Way

1. It's Friday.  And better yet, it's a three day weekend, followed by a two day work week, followed by a four day weekend.  Why can't every week be like that?

2.  When you're pregnant, it's all about breakfast.  And I decided on two breakfasts this morning.  First cereal, then a yogurt parfait on the way to work.

3.  I've pretty well given up all coffee, but on a sleepy Friday like this, I went for the decaf this morning, even though decaf just makes me more tired.

4.  Sleepy Fridays mean reading Fridays!  Today's selection is a review book about the Orphan Train.

5.  I also have a mid-day library trip planned to pick up a bunch of summer reading program books.  Storytime at the local library where I'll be volunteering will start in just a few weeks and I need to be ready.

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