Thursday, May 8, 2014


5 Things to Brighten Your Day
Despite the BS that May Get in Your Way

1. Fancy new camera.  If you are a regular on this blog, or in my life, you know that I'm hard on cameras.  The camera causality count is three (dropped in the ocean, maced with sunscreen, kidnapped in Vegas).  If not for this little biscuit we're expecting, I wouldn't even bother with a proper camera, but the grandparents insist on pictures, so there you have it.  This thing is awesome!  It's an Olympus SZ-12 and it's somewhere between a simple point and shoot and a full DSLR.  So it does some cool stuff that I don't totally understand, but I can still use it.  And I love Olympus cameras--two of our three dearly departed cameras were Olympus, so it's a good run.

You may ask if I'm concerned that this beauty will meet the same fate as it's predecessors, and the answer is yes.  But, I have a couple of back-ups like a warranty that will cover another ocean incident and macing.  And I even have a plan for theft!

2.  Which brings us to #2-my new EyeFi card.  It's a normal storage card with WiFi which automatically backs up my pictures to our Kindle, where we can then throw them on Facebook or into a Picassa album.  So, if my camera is kidnapped, it's a bummer, but our pictures will be safe.  Genius!

3.  More presents!  Well, none of these things are presents since I bought them, but getting packages at my doorstep is wonderful.  Anyway, a shipment of four picture books for the baby (or mama really) arrived yesterday and I am very excited.  And the proud papa might be excited too.

4.  Early morning nap with the dog.  This beautiful weather has us sleeping with the windows open and you would think this farm girl wouldn't mind the chirping birds in the morning, but you'd be wrong.  So those little buggers woke up me and the dog this morning at 5:30 am, so we cuddled and napped on the couch.  Really I think this is just training for what lies ahead.

5.  The school year is wrapping up fast, which means quieter days and a sleepy little town.  I love this time of year because it's like everyone exhales and finally relaxes.

Beautiful day ahead.  I hope you go out and enjoy it!

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