Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's in a Name?

Ever since I've been writing my daily 5 Things, I've been sharing a little more of my personal life, which is good, just not something I'm used to doing.  And yesterday I almost spilled my little biscuit's name in my post.  And today I realize it's almost unavoidable, so my little girl will be named Alice Rose.

When I tell people our planned name, I usually get two comments:  1. That's beautiful, or 2. Is that a family name?  Yes to both!  It is a lovely name and it is a family name.  Alice was my grandmother on my father's side, and Rose was my great aunt, again on my father's side.  Both of these women were very kind and loving but they also had a fun side, a rather large fun side if the stories are true.  My grandparents and my great aunt and uncle were quite the dancers and music lovers in their day, so I hope that my Alice Rose will inherit some of that zest for life.

For the most part, Doug and I refer to her as Ali or Ali Rose.  Our families most often call her Ali Rose, and Alice Rose is likely only to be used for formal reasons, or when she's in trouble, because that's how you know you're in trouble.  Since we've been referring to our baby as Ali, most people think her name will be Alison, but no, just Alice.

I'm so accustomed to referring to this little kicking baby as Ali that it's hard to avoid when I mention her here, so there you have it.  Plus, I'm reading Alice in Wonderland right now, and that's one of my happy things for today.  I think I read it as a young child, but I couldn't quite remember, but I'm only reading it for my little Alice Rose, so it would be hard to explain why I'm going back to it without the name story.

And what a name story!  Ali will be named after two very special and loving women.  All little babies should be so lucky!

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