Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amazon Recommends

If I post two short little posts today, does that make up for the fact that I still have not finished The Princess Academy and do not have a review for you?  It does!  Swell!

(I'm bringing back the work swell.  It's a thing)

This lovely gem found it's way to my inbox today:

Since I order books for fun and work from my same Amazon account, I often get recommendations for the newest in YA lit, plus books on Quantum Physics in the same breath.  This is just one of the things that makes me laugh during the day.  I wonder if there is someone working for Amazon that sometimes happens upon these lists and thinks, "why is this chick so into children's lit, scrapbooking and quantum physics?  One of these things is not like the other."  I sincerely hope so, and I hope that I confuse the heck out of this guy and that he shakes his head in frustration at my varied Amazon purchases. 

Which of these books would you purchase?  Any takers on the Quantum Mechanics book?  Maybe just for some light, beach reading?

Happy Reading!

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