Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Can't Let Go

I'm not mentally ready to do my August Summer Wrap-Up.  Even though I was all ready for fall coziness a couple weeks ago, I'm not ready to give up on summer.  I know that school has been in session for over two weeks here and that Labor Day has come and gone and that NFL football starts tonight, but I just want to bask in summer for a little longer.

So, instead of looking back on summer with a sense of longing, let's look forward to fall!  I am all ready for hoodies and boots and scarves and sweaters.  I'm totally ready for hot chocolate and pretty leaves.  I'm ready to light up the fire pit and make smores!  I guess that fall isn't so bad.  We'll still have some warm (hot) days that I can enjoy after work.  I can still sit out with a good book and ignore the dishes and pretend that I don't have to make dinner.  I do wish that it could still stay light until 9.  Why can't Illinois have 16 hours of sunlight all year round?  I guess that it would cause some other part of the world to have more darkness, then those people would get all depressed and move to Illinois, then there would be rampant overpopulation in my little town, then I would beg my hubby to move, then we would end up in the small town on the other side of the world that only gets like 8 hours of sunlight per day, and I would be depressed, and the whole cycle would repeat itself.  When you put it like that, I better be thankful that I'm in my little town during the fall.  Perspective.

At no other time during the year do I feel so sad about seeing a season pass by.  I guess that's because summer is more than a season-it's a lifestyle.  Summer is so easy going.  Fall is full and busy.  Summer means no students in town, always getting a spot at the bar, whipping through Walmart in a second.  Fall is a crowded town with packed restaurants, and a crazy mass of humanity clogging up Walmart.  But I missed the students.  They're funny and really make me appreciate that I'm an adult.

So, I guess I can give up summer if it means fall.  I'll make soups and curl up in blankets and cheer at football games.  One big reason why I should look forward to fall is that all the good books are released in the fall.  It's just like fashion-fall is the big season.  Anyone else having trouble letting go?

Happy Reading!

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