Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I've already walked 2.5 miles today!

Today is the Western Walks-a-thon.  The day when all of us office junkies are told to get up and walk if off for one hour to raise money for Samaritan Well, the local shelter and food bank.  I did my walking bright and early at 7:00 am and in my one hour turn I walked 2.5 miles.  Not too bad.  I've got to up the pace if I want to do the Haunted Hill 4 mile course at the end of October, because the race official told me that I have to cross the finish line before night fall and the race starts at 4:00.  Maybe the hill really is haunted if they are so strict about completion times.  

As to why I want to walk a 4 mile course instead of run it like a normal person, my knee is all jacked up.  Which is a really crummy thing when you're 30.  I talked to my doctor about all the popping, but he acted like it was no big deal, well, it's kinda getting to be a big deal.  The more active I try to be (with walking and pilates and yoga) the more tightness I feel in my knee.  Not pain, just not a great feeling. 

But today I've already done my training, plus I know that I'll have another 30 minute walk over lunch, so tonight will be free for reading!  And clearing out space on the DVR.  New show season is so much fun!

Happy Reading!

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