Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just a Little Rant

This is just a quick little rant before I do a bigger post today about my homecoming decorating.  (Bonus Points on the quiz to the person that can correctly identity how many Einstein posters are in my office!)

I've discussed series books before here, but am I the only one that see "A New Series from (blank)" and feels nothing but dread!  It happened again today with The Diviners by Libba Bray.

The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)

This book looks incredible.  A young girl is shuttled off to New York to live with her eccentric uncle who is obsessed with the occult, but little does he know that his own niece holds a dark secret power that could help solve a murder.   Then I saw those words that fills me with dread "author Libba Bray opens a brand-new historical series"...NO!  I would love to read a single book and feel completely fulfilled, not have to wait on pins and needles for the next one (Laini Taylor-I'm being patient, but your book is still 6 weeks away.  Double Aside:  November 6 is Election Day, and the future of our country hangs in the balance and all I can think about is the release of Days of Blood and Starlight.  That might be un-American.  Or it might be very American since so few people vote.  I mean, I'm going to go vote, but I'll be reading on my Kindle while I'm in line.  And if it takes me a really long time in the voting booth it's most likely because I'm trying to finish the chapter.)

Anyway, now I'm left with the age old question for nerd-girls:  Do I read The Diviners right away or do I wait until the series is really underway so I don't have a long wait between books?  Knowing me I'll read it right away and be disgusted with myself for becoming so attached to the characters that I change all of my sign-in passwords to their names so I can remember them. 

I understand why authors write series instead of stand alone books.  Some stories are too big to tell in 300 pages.  Also, there's the added bonus of more book sales and more money.  But I love a book that is captivating in 300 pages.  There's something really nice about the brevity of it.  Right now I'm reading Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz and it's pretty great.  I can tell that the characters are going to stick with me and that I'm going to look back on it fondly. 

That's my rant.  The Series Conundrum Part 2, if you will.  I still don't know what I'll do about The Diviners, but if you read this and feel compelled to send me a copy of the book, then I will thank you with five pounds of chocolate and 1000 bonus points on your quiz.  Not that the points mean anything, but sometimes it's just nice to know that you earned that bonus.  

Happy Reading!

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