Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am really not prepared

I didn't bring a number two pencil, I don't know where my calculator is, and I haven't owned a protractor in ten years.  I'm not at all prepared to post today.  I thought I was-honestly.  I was going to do this post about reading a galley on my Kindle and how my early generation Kindle messes up that experience, but then I realized that some pictures to drive home the point would be a good idea.  I could do what I always do when I don't have any idea what to post and pull up an old storytime and post it, but instead I thought I would be honest.  I am not prepared.

Isn't my honesty refreshing?  Aren't you glad to know that there is another person out there trying to act like they are all organized and together, but it's really all crazy, all the time?  See, this post was for you.  To let you know that you're not alone in faking your togetherness.

You're welcome.

Happy Reading!

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