Monday, September 17, 2012

Pop Quiz

What happens when you take a children's librarian out of the library and set her in the Physics Office at a mid-sized public university?

She eventually goes crazy and decorates the office in a circus theme.

Complete with balloon animals.  That's going on my resume!

 There is actually a reason for this.  I didn't just go nuts and start decorating.  It's Homecoming!  And the theme is Cirque du Western:  The Carnival Never Ends.  Aside:  If my workplace is a never-ending carnival, then shouldn't my office have a cotton candy machine and a pony?  I'm bringing this up at my next review.

You'll have to wait until tomorrow for more pictures, including a picture of me in a tiny hat, because my phone is being vvveeerrryy sssllloooww with the Instagram uploads. And because my favorite partner in crime hasn't stopped by my office to take a picture of me in my tiny hat yet.  I'll have to call her.

Until tomorrow!

Happy Reading!

Legal Note:  This blog is in no way, shape, or form acknowledged by my employer.  This is not a blog about my work or employer, just a blog to show you how I got creative in decorating for homecoming.  Any and all opinions are mine and mine alone and in no way reflect the beliefs of my employer.  Do you get it yet?  This blog is all about ME-as it should be.

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