Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anthony's Book

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Get your tissues!  It's another Anthony post!!

When Kimberly and Patrick were in the process of adopting Anthony, Kim wanted some books on adoption to assure him that this was a forever thing.  But most of the books on adoption deal with international adoptions, not domestic ones.  Anthony does understand that we are his forever family and that he grew in someone else's belly, but in Kim's heart, so he gets it for the most part.  Although he didn't understand Adoption Court so much, but that whole day was a little lackluster.

Anyway, I wanted to write a book for Anthony that explained to him that he is already the perfect child for our family because he is like us in so many ways.  And he is ours for better or worse, rain or shine, crazy or normal, peanut butter and jelly, Dave and Busters.  Okay, I know that got weird, but that's how Doug and I say our wedding vows to each other, so it shows the commitment that I have to this little man. (No, that's not how our wedding vows actually went, but that's how we remember them.)

So, this is my first crack at writing a children's book.  Gotta love self-publishing!  Now dad, you can get off my back about writing a kid's book.  I wrote one.  It's at your grandson's house.  Lay off me!

Full disclosure:  If you click on the see larger link you will be redirected to Shutterfly, where you can see the book in all it's glory, and order your own copy!  But none of the proceeds go to me or anything else cool, just Shutterfly, so maybe I'm not a published author.  Blast!  I'll get back to writing, dad.  

Happy Reading

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